Hey friends,

It is certainly with some sadness, yet complete peace and harmony, that we send this final newsletter to inform you that we have sung our final concert.  Our ministry will be retired effective December 1, 2013.


Quick history lesson!

Good News has been traveling and singing for 16 incredible years, and we have truly been "blessed", as our final CD cover so appropriately reads above.  Pastors, music directors, promoters, musicians, producers, engineers, singers, concert goers, and church folk have embraced us ... and for that we are so grateful.  I have been fortunate to be a part of 11 years of quartet music and 5 years of trio singing, and I would not trade those friendships and memories for anything.  


Why stop singing?

If you have ever read our mission statement, you know that we have always strived to keep our commitments to our families and home churches "meaningful and appropriate". Earlier this year, Gary and I realized our commitments to our families were affected based on our "seasons of life".  


How did we come to this decision?

Prayer, numerous honest discussions, mentoring relationships, and more prayer led us to decide several months ago that 2013 would be the final year of our ministry.  It was not easy because we dearly love each other, love the music we sing, and love the folks we sing for each week.  


Is anything wrong?

Nothing is wrong or strained among the four of us ... as a matter of fact, our ministry has never been stronger inter-personally or musically!  It would have been an easy decision if we were struggling in some regard, but we all know that sometimes the right decision is not always the popular or easy decision.  


Why didn't we announce sooner?

Some of you may recall that we retired our ministry for 2 years before we re-formed as a trio.  Prior to that temporary retirement, we participated in what might be called a "farewell tour" over a few months.  We simply felt that another advance announcement would be self-serving, inappropriate, and unfair to the churches we were serving recently.  


Where do we go from here?

  • Along with his work with AT&T Advertising  ... Gary will again be a "regular" with his Sunday night "small group" (from Charlotte's Northside Baptist) along with his wife Cindy.  They will also be welcoming a new member to his family with son Brian getting married in the spring of 2014.  
  • Matt will continue his growing and powerful ministry as a soloist, sharing his incredible testimony of God's provision of both physical and spiritual healing. If you have not heard his "story", make sure to get out to hear him sometime.  He is already singing regularly along with his career at Domtar Paper Company in Fort Mill.  
    • To schedule Matt for your worship service or special event, simply email him at matt@matttollison.com or call him at 803-517-6918.
  • Ron will continue his labor of love as a Grandpa, his daily responsibility of keeping Charlotte's WBT Radio on the air, and (as he has so expertly done for us) setting and running sound for Matt's solo concerts.
  • I will be opening a new elementary school in Fort Mill in the fall as principal while supporting 2 children in college and a third as she begins high school.  I also look forward to worshiping each Sunday with LeAnne and the girls.

How do we say THANKS?

Well ... we simply do just that!  Please know that you have our deepest and heartfelt gratitude for your hospitality, support, and prayers over the last 16 years, and especially these last 5 as we sang as a trio.  We will miss the music, travel, and fun ... but most of all we will miss the people ... like you!  Again, thank you!!!


For the guys and with much love and respect ... 





CD "Going out of business" sale

Email us at goodnewsmusic@gmail.com or call me (803-230-1058) or call one of the guys should you be interested in a few (or a lot) of our CD's.  

Price for less than 5 - $3 each

Price for more than 5 - $1.50 each

All sales need to be complete before the end of the year, and pickup will be optimal from our homes or offices.

Donations will be considered for ministry-related causes




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